What about the Uyghurs?


I begin with a caveat: for more than six months I have not read corporate (sometimes called ‘western’) news sources. Instead, I read more reliable and in-depth sources, for reasons I have explained elsewhere. I find corporate news sources given to selective sensationalism, in which they select a few items, give them a twist and distort them, so as to produce a sensationalist account that does violence with the facts, fits into a certain narrative and attracts a certain readership (some ‘western’ Marxists among them). It is like a toxic drip into the brain, with which I can well do without.

By word of mouth and from reliable sources, I have heard that it has become fashionable in some quarters to switch from the ‘vegetarian between meals’ (Dalai Lama) and focus on the Uyghurs, mostly concentrated in Xinjiang province in the far western parts of China. Supposedly, the whole of…

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Do Publicly Owned, Planned Economies Work?

what's left

Compared to capitalism, the USSR’s publicly owned, planned economy worked remarkably well.

By Stephen Gowans

http://www.barakabooks.com/catalogue/patriots-traitors-and-empires/ The Soviet Union was a concrete example of what a publicly owned, planned economy could produce: full employment, guaranteed pensions, paid maternity leave, limits on working hours, free healthcare and education (including higher education), subsidized vacations, inexpensive housing, low-cost childcare, subsidized public transportation, and rough income equality. Most of us want these benefits. However, are they achievable permanently? It is widely believed that while the Soviet Union may have produced these benefits, in the end, Soviet public ownership and planning proved to be unworkable. Otherwise, how to account for the country’s demise? Yet, when the Soviet economy was publicly owned and planned, from 1928 to 1989, it reliably expanded from year to year, except during the war years. To be clear, while capitalist economies plunged into a major depression and reliably lapsed into recessions…

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Petition for Verso Books and Monthly Review Press to Publish Domenico Losurdo’s biography of Stalin

I have created a petition to get either Verso Books or Monthly Review Press to publish an English edition of Professor Domenico Losurdo's biography of Stalin. Sign and share it. Here is the full text of the petition as well as the link to it below: In 2008, Italian professor Domenico Losurdo has his book, … Continue reading Petition for Verso Books and Monthly Review Press to Publish Domenico Losurdo’s biography of Stalin

“Peasant-Style Suits” and Other Things the Western Media Say

Kim Jong-un, leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), in a Zhongshan suit. At the beginning of the new year, the New York times published an article regarding the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) leader Kim Jong-un wearing a Western-style suit during his New Year's address. Of course, there is nothing wrong … Continue reading “Peasant-Style Suits” and Other Things the Western Media Say

The crimes of Winston Churchill

A good primer on how horrifying former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was:

Crimes of Britain


England celebrates their genocides. The ‘Winston Churchill note’ has enteredcirculation. Honouring a man who swilled on champagne while 4 million men, women and children in Bengal starved due to his racist colonial policies.

The trial of Churchill:

Churchill was a genocidal maniac. He is fawned over in Britain and held up as a hero of the nation. He was voted ‘Greatest Briton’ of all time. Below is the real history of Churchill, the history of a white supremacistwhose hatred for Indians led to four million starving to death, the man who loathed Irish people so much he conceived different ways to terrorise them, the racist thug who waged war on black people across Africa and in Britain. This is the trial of Winston Churchill, the enemy of all humanity.





Churchill found his love for war during the time he spent in Afghanistan. While there…

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On the Iran Protests

There are real grievances in Iran. That does not mean joining in the chorus of the imperialist powers hoping to overthrow and install a puppet regime like they did after overthrowing Mossadegh.

Socialist Musings

The Iran protests that are sweeping the covers of bourgeois newspapers and prompting US Ambassador to the UNNikki Haley to put Iran “on notice”for violating “human rights” must be understood in their proper context in terms of the struggles of different classes in Iran and not in terms of a struggle for “democracy” and “human rights”.

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L’Ami du peuple/The Friend of the People

As the French Revolution is one of the subjects of history which occupies my mind a lot of the time, I find it is good to share this very short post.

The Friend Of The People

Guillotines, decapitated elite, and a bloody revolution. No this isn’t a meme on Leftbook, this is the French Revolution that lasted from 1789 to 1799. The aftermath left a nation with a headless monarch as well as ushering in a new area of political thinking. The reasons behind the revolution are vast ranging from rising socioeconomic inequalities, economic mismanagement, environmental factors leading to agricultural failure, unmanageable national debt, and political mismanagement on the part of King Louis XVI. The censoring of newsletters and pamphlets also played a role in attempting to suppress the people from information which lead to many rouge writers to create their own source of info for the masses.

One of those newsletters was L’Ami de Peuple (Friend of the people or The friend of the people) written by Jean-Paul Marat and was celebrated as “The most radical paper of the Revolution“. While typically a…

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